Tips to crack Exam

• Never take your attempt Non-seriously just for try, Because this exam require only 3-4 months serious preparation (if you have very good academic record)

Always give equal emphasis on all units like Bio-chemistry, Ecology, Molecular Biology, Evolution and Animal Behavior, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Evolution and Animal Behavior, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology Immunology, Plant Physiology. As in every exam, same ratio of questions asked from all 13 units.

• While preparing every topic try to create your own questions “what can be asked from the topic? How this concept will be framed like a question? Which graphical representation is possible for the given concept? (especially ecology, Plant physiology and animal physiology) which numerical can be made ? (especially Genetics, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology)

Tips for Section – B

1. Put a special heed over the most unique things about the topic.

2. Most often they don’t ask very Basic in this section (opposite to general perception)

3. Try to read “something about everything”, Because out of 50 questions asked in this section, the questions from every unit of syllabus are made and they are unique.

4. If you are looking for text material to prepare for this section, we advise you to prepare NCERT well and also go through standard material provided by Aadhar institute

For Section – C

• Here you will be given Choices 25 out of 75 for which you must be will prepared for at least 40 question which means any 7 – 8 units of your syllabus with in depth preparation is sufficient.

• Always choose those question which have direct four choices 1,2,3,4 NOT A,B are correct OR B,C are correct OR A,C and D are correct type

• Always try to attempt graphical and Numerical questions because here you can be more sure for your answers.

During the exam

• Set your time limit out of 180 minutes (3 hours) first 40 min should be given to section B then 30 min to section A and at last 100 min to section C

• Before attempting the section C just scan the whole question paper well and Mark the questions, you are going to read thoroughly by Superficial glance. Then only start attempting the question this will make you confident during the exam.

• If you are not able to attempt continuously 3 – 4 question please have Patience and prepare yourself for attempting next questions

• After completion of every 5 questions fill up to OMR carefully this will save your time and risk of wrong OMR filling

• Try to finish up section C in 80 min and use 20 min to recheck you answer and OMR